Can Donald Trump Bring the Lost Jobs of Rural White Men Back?

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November 9 was deemed as mourning in America when Donald Trump made a stunning upset and defeated Hillary Clinton for the presidency. In almost all polls, Clinton leads. All predictor had her at 60% chances of winning or better. Trump also had to go through a very difficult electoral college map to win the presidency. Despite and in spite of what he has to go through, he has managed to pull Clinton down and win the presidency.

After analyzing exit poll results, it was revealed that he was able to run up more votes in the rural parts of the country, which are enough to offset the margins Clinton has gotten in huge urban cities. There were also more Democrats and Democratic leaning voters who have decided to stay home which paved the way for Trump to win the presidency with razor thin margin in various battleground states.

One of the propelling reasons behind his success is his promise of bringing lost jobs back. He has tried to blame the establishment for failing to address the needs of the people. He has vilified almost everyone and made himself the ultimate redeemer who can make things happen for while rural voters.

Analyzing his plans

During his campaign, Trump has promised that he will bring the jobs back by penalizing companies that are sending their jobs abroad. He can implement all sorts of tariffs and regulations if he wants to, but he can never stop these companies from sending their companies abroad. Take note that despite all the taxes they get, they will still earn more if they get cheap labor from countries like China or Mexico. For most of these companies, leaving the US is a risk worth taking.

Another plan Trump has is to deport millions of immigrants whom he depicted as enemies who take away jobs from Americans. Logistically, it is impossible to get it done. However, let us assume that he will. Can this make unemployed white Americans have their jobs back? The sad truth is no. The jobs these immigrants are taking are not the same jobs that most Americans want. Besides, it is not like companies would be willing to pay a lot more when they can get cheaper labor through immigrants.

The scariest of his plans is to promote fracking. This is his way of bringing jobs back to white rural class workers who have lost their jobs due to the decline of the coal industry. The truth here is that coal is really dead and it will never come back. America must strive to be the leader of clean energy in the future and not hope that more fracking will most likely let them discover a vast amount of coal to revitalize the industry.

Be practical

Instead of hoping that Trump will bring those jobs back, you can try to train yourself to work for other jobs that are needed in the future. You can be a plumber. There are plumber Prospect or anywhere else in the world. You can decide to even go abroad and work if you want if the demand is there. Don’t be lazy and just hope that the only skill that you know will still be useful in the future.