Global Politics and Political Trends: Listen to the Voice of the People

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peopleThere is a lot of turmoil going on, but these have been going on for so long. There are some concepts which are hard to understand, but ultimately makes sense when reality proves itself. One of the most important concepts which is not voiced nor stated in any way is that Newton’s laws of motion also works in almost all forms of interaction: “for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.”

In America, for example, there is unrest because of the Donald Trump presidency. While a lot of people claim that they are supporting Trump, there is a much larger section that feels the country is going back to the stone age. The so-called support that Donald Trump enjoys is being met with protests and mass action. There have been mass walkouts on campus and people have been going to the streets and marching.


It has reached a point where some states are planning to separate themselves from the United States. California and Texas are just two of the states with solid plans not to be under a Trump presidency. #Calexit trended just hours after Donald Trump won over Hillary Clinton. California is borrowing a page from Britain’s exit from the European Union. They are pushing for a referendum wherein people can vote to declare California as a separate country by 2019. If this happens, California will be the 6th largest earning country in the world. This move is being backed by leaders of Silicon Valley. They are willing to spend good money on the #Calexit campaign because they are one of the sectors that are being targeted.

Trump’s political strategist Steve Bannon is also initiating an open backlash against minorities. He has criticized Silicon Valley for having too many Asian CEOs. It is not the fault of the Asian community that they have emphasized college education for their children. In fact, unlike other races, Asian parents pay for the education of their children up to and including college.

Music and More

In the music scene, Trump wants the cast of Broadway musical, Hamilton, to apologize to Vice President elect Mike Pence for having offended him during one of their performances. The politician was also booed by the audience as he was taking his seat to see the show. The public is obviously not happy with Pence as Vice President because he has won automatically after Trump’s victory. It could also be because like Trump, he has no credentials or achievements to show for in the political arena. The Hamilton cast reportedly sang a line and looked at Pence. And just because of that, the entire cast and the musical is being placed in a bad light.

The music industry is supposed to be separate from politics. Artists should also not be targeted for just doing their jobs. Maybe Vice President-elect Pence and President-elect Trump will be better off listening to new songs and buying CDs at one of the

music stores Adelaide . Now that they are rulers of a First World nation, they should be exposed to different  influences such as alternative, americana, JPop, KPop, rap, metallica, endless variants of heavy metal music, and everything in between. It’s one of the best ways to listen to the voice of the people, quite literally.